ABM Alliance is a facilitator of deep knowledge. We care about spreading this to every corner of the business world by delivering bespoke, intimate events to business leaders. With the right connections, knowledge and solutions we will keep you in front of the pack.

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A bit about us

What we're known for

Facilitating discovery

Our intimate, concise events are curated for excellence and discovery. You don’t know the solution? We might hold the key to unlock the path to prosperity.

Connecting peers

We initiate lasting connections with like-minded individuals, thought leaders and solution experts, tackling similar challenges and initiatives.

Transferring knowledge

Simply put, you will gain the knowledge and connections to succeed, accelerate and put your business at the forefront of a very fast-changing and disruptive market.

Unmatched quality

In this new virtual world, it is hard to create a level of intimacy. Where many go wrong is thinking that more voices equals more value. We know this is not best practice, and that is why we will only connect you to a carefully selected, intimate, group of peers who can relate to your specific challenges. Interaction, intimacy and lasting connections.

Position yourself as a thought leader. Share, learn & connect. Create a powerful network

We don’t just connect you to any business leader, our process is refined to make sure we connect you to peers who will bring value and expertise that can help you reach your goals and solve common challenges.

Our partners will help you uncover new technologies, cutting-edge solutions and “Million dollar ideas”

Our global partners are thought leaders in their own right. You will always be joined by one of their CXO executives to inject insight, expertise and knowledge into the conversation. They will help accelerate your goals through ideas, processes and technology.

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Advanced Security Metrics
Real-Time Threat Intelligence
AI and Machine Learning in Security
Netskope Elevating Security Standards: Beyond Baseline Frameworks
IT Management
Dynatrace & Microsoft AI and Automation: Unleashing IT Excellence in the Digital Age
Hyper Automation
Artificial Intelligence
Application Development
Microsoft & KPMG Hyper Automation: Strategies and Approaches for Limitless Demand and Potential
Generative AI
Data Privacy
Large Language Models
Netskope Embracing Generative AI: Business Transformation, Security, and Privacy Challenges


Our trusted partners

Alex Miljus Headshot
Alex Miljus,
Founder, CEO

I’ve worked with numerous executive engagement companies over the years, but only ABM Alliance have consistently surpassed my expectations. They’ve introduced my client, a leader in cybersecurity, to the right level of executives who are not only engaged at the roundtables, but who want to continue discussions after the follow-up calls. As a direct result of the work ABM Alliance has delivered, my client has grown their pipeline and increased their executive engagements. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.