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Alex Miljus,
Founder, CEO

I’ve worked with numerous executive engagement companies over the years, but only ABM Alliance have consistently surpassed my expectations. They’ve introduced my client, a leader in cybersecurity, to the right level of executives who are not only engaged at the roundtables, but who want to continue discussions after the follow-up calls. As a direct result of the work ABM Alliance has delivered, my client has grown their pipeline and increased their executive engagements. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Our services

ABM Alliance prides itself on being a disruptor

ABM Alliance prides itself on being a disruptor. We have entered a static market and revolutionised the way you reach your desired accounts. Ensuring business continuity and revenue growth in a very disruptive time.

The accounts that we connect you to are tailored from your own ABM list. All participants leave our events engaged and ready to speak further, due to being masterfully curated to drive excellence, provide insight and create interest without a direct sell. Imagine a world where your key accounts are asking to speak to you?


Why become a partner

Why become a partner?
Are you struggling to reach key accounts in these challenging times? With budgets being slashed across the globe... Less budget = more competition. Surely, you want to position your brand as a thought leader and create organic interest in your solutions? Fending off that competition and to keep yourself in front of the pack.
What makes ABM Alliance different?
It’s simple. We care about you and your success. You grow… we grow together. Our goal is to form a lasting partnership with yourself and become trusted advisors through the events, connections and ROI we deliver you. Your success is our number one goal.
How do you guarantee a superior experience?
Everything we do is partner-centric. We appreciate our clients to such a degree that we fullproof our agreements, by outlining the parameters from the offset. We deliver against your bespoke qualification criteria by specifically working from your target accounts, personas, timelines, quantity, regions etc. Every executive hyper-qualified. Furthermore, we will guarantee you a 1-2-1, 1hr meeting with 50% of all executives on events. We guarantee 50%, our track record is 90%. Unbeatable ROI.
How do your events work? What is the layout?
Our events are truly bespoke and we strive on making sure it is the best possible fit for your needs. So if you have an idea in mind, just share this with us. Combined with our 40+ years experience, we will masterfully curate the perfect event. A popular format is an intimate virtual round table with a maximum of 6 executives; one of your CXO executives and our Master of Ceremonies as the moderator. The benefits of this intimate setting is the interaction and value created in conversation.
Do your physical events provide a greater ROI than virtual events?
No, this is not always the case and also depends on how you measure ROI. The benefits of physical events are brand recognition and brand building and yes, of course, they do offer ROI. However, with virtual events, the delegation is there for a handful of reasons; they want to connect, share and learn with peers, there are no ulterior motives. This will provide you with a better follow-through rate, with engaged, interested accounts post-event.