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AMEX GBT Egenica Transforming Corporate Travel for Success and Sustainability

The Stafford, Mayfair, London
18:30 - 21:30 GMT29.11.23

🔍 Abstract Overview: Explore the dynamic landscape of corporate travel, where digitalization, enhanced end user experience, sustainability, and traveler well-being converge. This roundtable focuses on optimizing travel programs for cost and ROI while delivering a global, end-to-end travel experience. Learn how industry leaders adapt to market changes, innovate continuously, and ensure traveler satisfaction in an evolving world.

📌 Discussion Points:

  1. Digital Transformation in Corporate Travel: Enhancing End User Experience
  2. Optimizing Travel Programs: Cost, ROI, and Sustainability
  3. Traveler Well-Being: Balancing Experience and Risk Management
  4. End-to-End Travel Expertise and Global Governance
  5. Market-Leading Content and Continuous Innovation


Corporate Travel
Travel Program Optimization