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In Person

Chargbee Unlocking Revenue Growth and Customer Retention Strategies

United Kingdom
18:30 - 21:30 GMT+111.07.24


In the competitive landscape of subscription businesses, effective revenue management and customer retention are crucial for sustained growth. This dinner event at The Ivy Victoria will delve into optimizing payment processes, leveraging commerce platforms, and deploying advanced financial technologies. Attendees will gain insights into Chargebee’s Revenue Growth Management platform, trusted by thousands of businesses globally, to acquire, grow, and retain customers. Explore strategies to unlock a lifetime of subscriber growth through end-to-end payment solutions and innovative revenue management.

Discussion Points:

  1. Revenue Management

    • Strategies for maximizing revenue growth
    • Leveraging data for informed decision-making
  2. Payment Optimization

    • Streamlining payment processes
    • Enhancing payment security and efficiency
  3. Customer Retention

    • Techniques for improving subscriber retention
    • Building customer loyalty through personalized experiences
  4. Commerce Platforms

    • Integrating advanced commerce solutions
    • Enhancing platform capabilities for better customer engagement
  5. Financial Technology

    • Innovations in fintech for revenue growth
    • Implementing end-to-end payment solutions


Revenue Management
Payment Optimization
Customer Retention