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In Person

Forrit Empowering Digital Transformation and MarTech Security for Enterprise Organizations

United Kingdom
18:30 - 21:30 GMT+111.07.24


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, enterprise organizations face numerous challenges in managing and securing their web platforms. This event, taking place at The Stafford, London, will address the critical issues of the current internet infrastructure, including security vulnerabilities, inefficiencies in content management systems, and the barriers to AI adoption and digitization. Attendees will gain insights from Forrit’s survey involving over 500 key IT and marketing decision-makers, exploring the pressing challenges and innovative solutions to enhance digital transformation and MarTech security.

Discussion Points:

  1. Critical Issues in the Current State of the Internet

    • Examining the security vulnerabilities and inefficiencies of existing web platforms.
  2. Barriers to AI Adoption and Digitization

    • Understanding the obstacles enterprises face in integrating AI and digital transformation strategies.
  3. Website Security Concerns

    • Addressing the dangers of using open-source website platforms and outdated CMS systems.
  4. Overcoming Legacy Technology Challenges

    • Exploring how legacy technology is holding businesses back and the benefits of modern CMS solutions.
  5. Enhancing Digital Transformation with Forrit One CMS

    • Leveraging Forrit One CMS for a secure, scalable, and efficient digital presence, with a focus on cross-team collaboration and enterprise-grade security.


Enterprise CMS
MarTech Security
Cross-Team Collaboration