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Fortinet Empowering Cybersecurity in Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

14:00 - 15:30 CET28.11.23

🔍 Abstract Overview: As the electric vehicle charging infrastructure rapidly expands, the industry grapples with the challenge of cybersecurity. This roundtable explores how to shift the industry's mindset, making cybersecurity a foundational element in EV charging solutions. It delves into navigating evolving cybersecurity regulations, ensuring customer-centric security without compromising accessibility, and securing the future of EV charging.

📌 Discussion Points:

  1. Shifting Industry Mindset: Making Cybersecurity Foundational
  2. Navigating Regulatory Challenges in Cybersecurity
  3. Customer-Centric Security in Expanding EV Partnerships
  4. Building Secure and Sustainable EV Charging Solutions
  5. Ensuring Availability and Minimizing Downtime for EV Customers


Electric Vehicle Charging
Cybersecurity Integration
Regulatory Alignment