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Microsoft & KPMG Hyper Automation: Strategies and Approaches for Limitless Demand and Potential

13:00 - 14:30 EST+116.07.24


We are living in the age of hyper automation, where the integration of Applications, Artificial Intelligence, and Process Automation is essential for maintaining a competitive edge across all industries and organizations. The demand for new applications today surpasses the total quantity of applications created in the past four decades. This overwhelming demand presents a significant challenge: how can organizations realize the value of hyper automation with limited IT resources?

In this roundtable, KPMG and Microsoft will explore strategies and approaches to application development and automation in this climate of limitless demand and potential. The discussion will focus on how leaders can rise to meet these challenges, manage resource constraints, and leverage technology to drive business advantage.

Discussion Points:

  1. How is your organization fulfilling the increasing demand for applications?
  2. How has the need for governance influenced your application development strategy?
  3. Where does your organization stand on the continuum of manual versus automated processes?
  4. How does your development team prioritize projects, and what happens to projects that are not of strategic priority?
  5. How important is speed in delivering solutions to business challenges?


Hyper Automation
Artificial Intelligence
Application Development