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Netskope Embracing Generative AI: Business Transformation, Security, and Privacy Challenges

USA - South West
08:00 - 09:30 PST+117.07.24
Michael Ferguson


As businesses accelerate their adoption of Generative AI, understanding how to harness its potential while navigating cybersecurity and privacy challenges becomes paramount. This executive roundtable, led by Michael Ferguson, Director of Security Transformation, will delve into practical strategies for enabling Generative AI within organizations. The discussion will cover the governance of AI, creating business-enabling use cases, handling regulated data with large language models (LLMs), controlling data flow, preventing legal issues such as copyright infringement, and protecting sensitive data. Participants will gain insights into developing clear usage policies, leveraging AI-driven security tools, and implementing frameworks for GenAI governance. Join us for an engaging dialogue to balance AI advancements with cybersecurity resilience.

Discussion Points:

  1. Governance of Generative AI:

    • Establishing robust governance frameworks for safe and effective AI use.
    • Developing policies to manage AI-related risks.
  2. Creating Business-Enabling Use Cases:

    • Identifying and developing AI use cases that drive business value.
    • Balancing innovation with risk management.
  3. Handling Regulated Data with LLMs:

    • Best practices for managing regulated data within large language models.
    • Ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.
  4. Controlling Data Flow in LLMs:

    • Strategies for managing data flow in private and public environments.
    • Protecting sensitive information and maintaining data integrity.
  5. Preventing Legal Issues and Protecting Sensitive Data:

    • Addressing potential legal issues such as copyright infringement.
    • Implementing measures to safeguard sensitive data from breaches.


Generative AI
Data Privacy
Large Language Models