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TATA Workplace Transformation Powered by Technology

12:00 - 13:30 EST30.11.23

🔍 Abstract Overview: In today's dynamic work environment, organizations face the challenge of meeting employee demands for seamless collaboration and connectivity. Collaboration technology, including UCaaS and smart meeting rooms, is at the forefront of workplace transformation. Join Tata Communications' virtual roundtable to explore how industry leaders adapt to these changing landscapes and navigate topics like employee experience, IT strategy alignment, smart meeting rooms, security, and customer case studies.

📌 Discussion Points:

  1. Employee Demands: The Evolution of Collaboration and Connectivity
  2. IT Strategy Alignment: Cloud, Enterprise Voice, and Collaboration Applications
  3. Smart Meeting Rooms: Bridging Office and Remote Work Equitably
  4. Security and Compliance: The Role of Trusted Partners
  5. Customer Case Studies: Success Stories of Cloud Collaboration and Connectivity


Workplace Transformation
Collaboration Technology
Employee Experience